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5 Existing Tests

These macros test for particular system features that packages might
need or want to use.  If you need to test for a kind of feature that
none of these macros check for, you can probably do it by calling
primitive test macros with appropriate arguments (Note: Writing

   These tests print messages telling the user which feature they're
checking for, and what they find.  They cache their results for future
`configure' runs (Note: Caching Results).

   Some of these macros set output variables.  Note: Makefile
Substitutions, for how to get their values.  The phrase "define NAME"
is used below as a shorthand to mean "define the C preprocessor symbol
NAME to the value 1".  Note: Defining Symbols, for how to get those
symbol definitions into your program.

* Common Behavior
Macros' standard schemes
* Alternative Programs
Selecting between alternative programs
* Files
Checking for the existence of files
* Libraries
Library archives that might be missing
* Library Functions
C library functions that might be missing
* Header Files
Header files that might be missing
* Declarations
Declarations that may be missing
* Structures
Structures or members that might be missing
* Types
Types that might be missing
* Compilers and Preprocessors
Checking for compiling programs
* System Services
Operating system services
* Posix Variants
Special kludges for specific Posix variants
* Erlang Libraries
Checking for the existence of Erlang libraries

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