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8.3.2 Diagnostic messages from M4sugar

When macros statically diagnose abnormal situations, benign or fatal,
they should report them using these macros.  For issuing dynamic issues,
i.e., when `configure' is run, see Note: Printing Messages.

 -- Macro: m4_assert (EXPRESSION, [EXIT-STATUS = `1'])
     Assert that the arithmetic EXPRESSION evaluates to non-zero.
     Otherwise, issue a fatal error, and exit `autom4te' with

 -- Macro: m4_errprintn (MESSAGE)
     Similar to the builtin `m4_errprint', except that a newline is
     guaranteed after MESSAGE.

 -- Macro: m4_fatal (MESSAGE)
     Report a severe error MESSAGE prefixed with the current location,
     and have `autom4te' die.

 -- Macro: m4_location
     Useful as a prefix in a message line.  Short for:

 -- Macro: m4_warn (CATEGORY, MESSAGE)
     Report MESSAGE as a warning (or as an error if requested by the
     user) if warnings of the CATEGORY are turned on.  If the message
     is emitted, it is prefixed with the current location, and followed
     by a call trace of all macros defined via `AC_DEFUN' used to get
     to the current expansion.  You are encouraged to use standard
     categories, which currently include:

          messages that don't fall into one of the following
          categories.  Use of an empty CATEGORY is equivalent.

          related to cross compilation issues.

          use of an obsolete construct.

          dubious syntactic constructs, incorrectly ordered macro calls.

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