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4.10 Running Arbitrary Configuration Commands

You can execute arbitrary commands before, during, and after
`config.status' is run.  The three following macros accumulate the
commands to run when they are called multiple times.
`AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS' replaces the obsolete macro `AC_OUTPUT_COMMANDS';
see Note: Obsolete Macros, for details.

     Specify additional shell commands to run at the end of
     `config.status', and shell commands to initialize any variables
     from `configure'.  Associate the commands with TAG.  Since
     typically the CMDS create a file, TAG should naturally be the name
     of that file.  If needed, the directory hosting TAG is created.
     This macro is one of the instantiating macros; see *Note
     Configuration Actions::.

     Here is an unrealistic example:
                             [echo this is extra $fubar, and so on.],

     Here is a better one:
          AC_CONFIG_COMMANDS([timestamp], [date >timestamp])

   The following two macros look similar, but in fact they are not of
the same breed: they are executed directly by `configure', so you
cannot use `config.status' to rerun them.

     Execute the CMDS right before creating `config.status'.

     This macro presents the last opportunity to call `AC_SUBST',
     `AC_DEFINE', or `AC_CONFIG_FOOS' macros.

     Execute the CMDS right after creating `config.status'.

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