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17.5.3 Changed Macros

Many of the macros were renamed in Autoconf version 2.  You can still
use the old names, but the new ones are clearer, and it's easier to find
the documentation for them.  Note: Obsolete Macros, for a table
showing the new names for the old macros.  Use the `autoupdate' program
to convert your `configure.ac' to using the new macro names.  *Note
autoupdate Invocation::.

   Some macros have been superseded by similar ones that do the job
better, but are not call-compatible.  If you get warnings about calling
obsolete macros while running `autoconf', you may safely ignore them,
but your `configure' script generally works better if you follow the
advice that is printed about what to replace the obsolete macros with.
In particular, the mechanism for reporting the results of tests has
changed.  If you were using `echo' or `AC_VERBOSE' (perhaps via
`AC_COMPILE_CHECK'), your `configure' script's output looks better if
you switch to `AC_MSG_CHECKING' and `AC_MSG_RESULT'.  Note: Printing
Messages.  Those macros work best in conjunction with cache
variables.  Note: Caching Results.

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