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7.4.1 Cache Variable Names

The names of cache variables should have the following format:


for example, `ac_cv_header_stat_broken' or
`ac_cv_prog_gcc_traditional'.  The parts of the variable name are:

     An abbreviation for your package or organization; the same prefix
     you begin local Autoconf macros with, except lowercase by
     convention.  For cache values used by the distributed Autoconf
     macros, this value is `ac'.

     Indicates that this shell variable is a cache value.  This string
     _must_ be present in the variable name, including the leading

     A convention for classifying cache values, to produce a rational
     naming system.  The values used in Autoconf are listed in *Note
     Macro Names::.

     Which member of the class of cache values this test applies to.
     For example, which function (`alloca'), program (`gcc'), or output
     variable (`INSTALL').

     Any particular behavior of the specific member that this test
     applies to.  For example, `broken' or `set'.  This part of the
     name may be omitted if it does not apply.

   The values assigned to cache variables may not contain newlines.
Usually, their values are Boolean (`yes' or `no') or the names of files
or functions; so this is not an important restriction.

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