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Introducing ange-ftp.

   Ange-ftp is a system for transparent file-transfer between remote
UNIX, VMS, CMS or MTS hosts using FTP. This means that you can edit,
copy and otherwise manipulate files on any machine you have access to
from within GNU Emacs as if it were a local file. Ange-ftp works by
introducing an extended filename syntax, and overloading functions such
as `insert-file-contents' so that accessing a remote file causes
appropriate commands to be sent to an FTP process. Ange-ftp works with
Dired (and in particular Sebastian Kremer's Tree Dired) to facilitate
directory browsing and multiple file transfer from remote hosts.

   The author of ange-ftp is Andy (Ange) Norman
(`ange@hplb.hpl.hp.com').  Many people have sent in enhancements, and
Ange has been kept quite busy testing them and incorporating them into
ange-ftp. Current members of the Ange-Ftp Hall of Fame include:

   * Many thanks to Roland McGrath for improving the filename syntax
     handling, for suggesting many enhancements and for numerous
     cleanups to the code.

   * Thanks to Jamie Zawinski for bugfixes and for ideas such as

   * Thanks to Ken Laprade for improved `.netrc' parsing and password
     reading, and Dired/shell autoloading.

   * Thanks to Sebastian Kremer for tree dired support and for many
     ideas and bugfixes.

   * Thanks to Joe Wells for bugfixes, non-UNIX system support, VOS
     support, and hostname completion.

   * Thanks to Nakagawa Takayuki for many good ideas,
     filename-completion, help with file-name expansion, efficiency
     worries, stylistic concerns and many bugfixes.

   * Thanks to Sandy Rutherford who re-wrote most of ange-ftp to
     support VMS, MTS, CMS and UNIX-dls.  Sandy also added
     dired-support for non-UNIX OS and auto-recognition of the host

   * Also, thanks to Keith Waclena, Mark D. Baushke, Terence Kelleher,
     Ping Zhou, Edward Vielmetti, Jack Repenning, Mike Balenger, Todd
     Kaufmann, Kjetil Svarstad, Tom Wurgler, Linus Tolke, Niko Makila,
     Carl Edman, Bill Trost, Dave Brennan, Dan Jacobson, Andy Scott,
     Steve Anderson, Sanjay Mathur, the folks on the ange-ftp-lovers
     mailing list and many others whose names have been forgotten who
     have helped to debug and fix problems with `ange-ftp.el'.

   Finally, this info file was written by Dave Smith
(`dsmith@stats.adelaide.edu.au'), although large chunks of it

(such as most of this node :-)

are plagiarised straight out of the extensive comments section of

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