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Installing ange-ftp

   If you don't already have a copy of ange-ftp, or you want a later
version, ange-ftp is pretty easy to get hold of. FTP is the probably the
simplest method, but other options such as mail are available.

   Once you have the Emacs-Lisp source, there are a few customisations
you might need to make. The ideal configuration is to have the FTP
process running on the same machine as you are running Emacs on, but
this is not always possible since some machines cannot access hosts
outside the local network. In this case, the FTP process needs to be
run on a machine which *does* have access to the local world -- this is
called the *gateway host*. Ange-ftp has facilities to make use of a
gateway host when accessing remote hosts.

* Obtaining source code
Where to find the ange-ftp source.
* Installing source
Where to put it, how to load it.
* Using a gateway
For when your local machine has limited access.
* Other options
More user variables to twiddle.

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