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  This info tree is maintained by the n-dim project.  Quite a few of
  the nodes are symbolic links into various places in AFS.  We try
  to keep things up to date, but they change out from under us quite

  We have merged nodes from FSF emacs and XEmacs.  Where it could be
  ambiguous, we mark the node as coming from either the FSF or lucid
  info tree (for instance, there are two elisp reference manual nodes).

  Please report inconsistencies, broken links or whatever you feel like
  reporting to snl@paneer.ndim.edrc.cmu.edu.

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  -- Using Emacs --

* GNU emacs19
[FSF] GNU Emacs, the world's best editor.
* Lucid/Xemacs
A version of GNU Emacs with much better support for X windows than normal FSF Emacs 19, plus lots of other good features as well. This is REALLY the world's best editor.
* ange ftp
Slick, transparent interface to FTP from emacs.
* dired
[LUCID] Directory editing mode.
* evi
[LUCID] Emacs vi emulation mode.
* forms
[LUCID] A mode for editing forms.
* gnus
[LUCID] GNU Emacs-based newsreader.
* ilisp
[LUCID] Mode for interacting with various forms of lisp from inside of emacs.
* supercite
The super-duper citation-making package for news, mail, etc...
* termcap
GNU termcap library.
* vip
[LUCID] Yet another VI emulation mode for emacs.
* vm
[LUCID] View Mail, a replacement for the (ancient) RMAIL mail reader in emacs.
* w3
[LUCID] The Emacs-based World Wide Web browser. Check it out!
  -- Everyday Programming --

* autoconf
GNU autoconfigure, a package to help you build releases that build on multiple architectures.
* cpp
GNU C preprocessor.
GNU C Compiler.
GNU source-level debugger.
* gm4
GNU m4.
* gprof
GNU program profiler.
* bison
GNU replacement for YACC.
* make
GNU version of the standard make utility.
* mmalloc
GNU malloc.
* pcl-cvs
[LUCID] GNU emacs interface to CVS, the concurrent versions system. Sadly, there is no info node for CVS yet.
* readline
The GNU readline library, which can be used to put nice command-line editing features into any program.
* history
How to use the history mechanism in the readline linrary.
* standards
GNU coding standards.
  -- Black Magic / Deep Dark Secrets / Twisted Architectures --

* GNU Assembler
Should look at this if you develop on HP workstations with GNU tools.
* binutils
Binary file utilities from GNU (ld, ar, etc). Should look at this if you develop with gNU tools on HPs.
* bfd
Binary File Description library from GNU.
* GDB internals
Guts of GDB.
* stabs
STABS debugging info format.
  -- Other Programming-related Nodes --

* CScheme
The MIT Scheme System.
  -- Hacking on Emacs --

* cl
[LUCID] Common-lisp extension package for elisp.
* lemacs lisp ref
[LUCID] Lucidified version of the emacs lisp reference manual. Much more current than the next node, but has lucid-specific extensions.
* elisp
[FSF] GNU Emacs extension language reference manual.
* lemacs external widget
How to use lemacs as a widget in another program.
  -- GNU Utilities --

* diff
GNU version of diff, diff3, cmp, etc. Way cooler than the standard versions (faster, handle binary files better).
* gzip
GNU replacement for compress.
* info standards
GNU project documentation standards.
* lemacs info
[LUCID] The Lucid version of the GNU Emacs Info manual (not sure exactly what all the differences are).
* info
[FSF] The FSF documentation production environment.
* makeinfo
The makeinfo program, which takes texinfo files and produces GNU emacs info files.
* mkid
The mkid program, which builds a database of identifier names (e.g., C function and variable names) and the associated filenames.
* lemacs texinfo
[LUCID] Lucid version of the texinfo manual.
* texinfo
Programs that can turn GNU info files into hardcopy documents via TeX.
  -- Pointers to other Info Realms --

* emacs18
Top node of the Emacs version 18 info nodes, which contains some things of relevance to V19/[LX]Emacs users.
  vvvv This is busted because Andrew /usr/contributed doesn't have a 
       valid directory file for their info tree...                   vvvv

* andrew contrib tree
Some info nodes available under /usr/contributed in Andrew.
  -- Things that Info Can't Point At Directly --

I'll put interesting info resources that are accessible via other
means (like HTTP) here.  If you have some way of following a URL from
info mode, good for you; otherwise, just cut and paste.  Send me your
suggestions; they don't necessarily have to be in TeXinfo format.

+ http://sunfish.ics.es.osaka-u.ac.jp:8500/dir
    Cool info tree, including Japanese-related stuff AND some of the
    original info nodes from the MIT ITS machines.  Pretty nifty.


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