Promoters and Records, Club Clothes an' all that

Record Stores

Yahyahyah. Mailorder baby. Can't afford the local prices.

Club gear

Now, I think shiny is where its at. So I'll just warn you that my associates in new york claim that the woolen preppie look is where its at in the cool clubs nowadays. Lets just plead ignorance, and shop for their last years shiny castoffs. Also, I'm a guy. OK? I'm quiet secure with that thank you, but it means I don't know where and good female gear secret shopping location.

Best place to buy clothes = outta town. New York is just $80 away after all.

But for practical local options, Eons and Hey Betty on Ellsworth Ave are your best bet for second hand club wear - Crimes of Fashion next to CMU on forbes has a smaller selection, but works nicely for the wearing of black. Avalon in Oakland is good for the new stuff, while within the bounds of being affordable. If you want shiny trousers, it probably is the only likely place in the burgh - you are never going to find them second hand. For top of the range labels, Moda will scorch a hole in your credit card, but you get to be the coolest kid on the block.

Other alternatives are The Opera second hand place in Oakland, but it never seems to be open when I go past. Structure at the local mall if you want the current hip NY lounge look.

Joseph O'Sullivan
Last modified: Thu May 1 05:53:58 EDT 1997