Opened in 1991, by the chap who owns Metropol, Rosebud seems to be aimed as a coffee house/social venue. It features everything from art shows to live music to poetry readings to disco. It has a reasonable kitchen, so if a quietish show is on, or a ballroom dance type event, makes the perfect option for couples to be. And the discrete couches upstairs at the back are the perfect options for the couples to be, right here, right now.

Basically, anythings goes with regards to Rosebud - check the InPittsburgh, or give them a call to find out about special events, but there are a few certain things in life. Namely that Saturday night will have "House of Soul" and that Sunday is "Disco" (OK, Thursday find latin type dancing - salsa, etc, etc, but bad flashbacks prevent more comment). Disco night actually can be fun, and gets packed with dancing on the tabletops and stage. It helps if you know the moves to YMCA before you turn up, but far more important is dress up. Think like Oliva/John. Dress like Oliva/John.

Rosebud, 1650 Smallman St, 261-221