Lava Lounge

OK, so I went to Franki Capri here a few friday nights ago (due to a slight confusion with regard to a techno party at the warhol happening a different week - a long story really). Not as much fun as I had been lead to believe. OK, $3 in so not too pricey, but do you really want to listen to a polka version of the chicken song. The answer, as was evident there, was yes if you are very drunk. However, I had been planning on booging, so was quite sober and thought it painful. You'll probably find it amusing as something to bring friends from outta town to, while mumbling, "there whacky pittsburghers".

Otherwise, DJ Spike does play there on Tuesdays - that should be good, but haven't gone yet (Spike used to play at Upstage back in the good old days, and does Soba on wednesdays).

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Joseph O'Sullivan
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