A new (Summer 1997) addition to the Pittsburgh scene, opened by the same chap that owns Metropol and Rosebud. Its location has a long history. It used to be Illusions, and before that the Cotton Club. Great location for going out, and works despite the attendees if you go with friends - the place is huge, multilevel, with little siderooms aimed at the martini crowd, dedicated pool fans (pool is free, but there are no tips on the cues), and those willing to pay a ton for food. Hell, it could even work in NY. Heaven is very strict about dress. No jeans, runners or baseball caps, or other wise looking scruffy. Now this kind of this works well in NY, leaving only beautiful people inside, but Heaven ends up looking like a den of Mafiosa. The age group is 30ish up with few execptions.

Before 8pm every night, there is no cover. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday have jazz and good food. Bring a date and lots of money. Wednesday seems to have a lounge singer. After 8pm, cover is $2 normally, $5 Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday have Current and Retro hits. If you can dance the macerana without wincing, you'll be fine. If not, Wednesday has $1.50 drinks 9-11. Knock some back. Wednesday is also ladies night - ie no cover for the gals. This may be an attraction for some. It does improve the ratio, but the ladies seem aim themselves at the suits playing pool.

Thursday is Disco - but people don't dress up like at Rosebud, so it pales in comparison.

Sunday is not advertised, but is gay night. The one exeception to the normal attendees. Attendence is spotty at the moment. Check Planet Q or phone in case a special event (eg drag show, beauty contest, leather night etc) is advertised - that helps to bring a crowd.

Heaven, 107 Sixth St, Downtown, 338-2727

Joseph O'Sullivan
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