Wednesday Events

Pittsburgh starts warming up on Wednesday. To be really warm, hot and sweaty, go to soba. Spike is currently the house DJ here on Wednesday, and gathers his normal fans. Techno/House, a bit of Jungle to impress the fans. Mixed crowd, ie slight gay element, and dressing tight, and shiny makes total sense, considering that the management doesn't believe in air conditioning. If you need air, you can sit on the secluded couchs, reflect light, and look interesting.

For a larger dance floor, and cheaper drinks, pegasus is doing its thing on Wednesday. Free in, and strongly male, since tonight is the main night at luckys. Lucky's is lesbian, with beer swillers in baseball caps not encouraged, but anyone who is willing to jive to the occasional blast of Thriller is welcome (weird mix of songs, but it works). Remember that upstairs at the back is the dancing - downstairs is the bar, and if you just glance in without going up, it looks lame. Of course, unless you are deaf, you'll hear the music.

metropol used to be happening on Wednesdays but is now shut. For more conventional singles scene, everywhere seems to have Ladies night on Wednesdays, eg heaven, chauncy's, donzis, etc. No cover for women, and cheap drinks to keep the lads quiet.