Monday Events

Going out on Monday night - you must be new in town? So young, so foolish.

Actually, in recent times, Monday nights could be fun. Upstage used to have DJ Spike, and a large collection of devoted followers. With the growth of locations, Spike got to busy to do Mondays here, and attendence has fallen sharply. It still is one of the few places to open on Mondays, and being both cheap in ($2), and having cheap drinks (50c drafts), it can be fun. If it is really quite, you can always play pool.

Otherwise, check out vertigo. Monday night events have just started here, so they still have a buzz. And the big burrito company are doing their advertising thing, so an eclectic crowd turn up. Dressing fabulous can work for you here. I'll give it a few more weeks yet, to settle down to a single scene.