Friday Events

By Friday, things are getting a little too warm. If you know what I mean, and I think you do. Go to a movie, the clubs are too crowded.

Well, if you do insist, and a going with a group of like minded friends, metropol and all other options will be packed. You can't dance, but you can practice whatever bad pickup lines you know, when you spill your drinks.

pegasus, luckys, eagle all have hard-core gay nights on Friday. Small cover charge, or larger if they have strippers.

soba has a classier scene, and all the live locations will have bands playing. Give them a ring to see what up.

Ohh, main good thing about Fridays is the endless selection of Happy Hours. Start off with either cocktails at Vertigo, or Martinis at Balcony, and you won't care who is dancing, ot what music is playing. Lava Lounge has Frankie Capri normally if you want a laugh. Elvis impersonator, everyone dances and stuff, but too crowded to move well.