What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a sport vaguely reminiscent of soccer and football. You play on a large rectangular field with two endzones. The point of hte game is to advance the frisbee (aka disc) down the field by throwing it from player to player until it is caught by a player in the opposing endzone.

The basic principles of the game are as follows:

  1. You may not walk around while holding the disc.
  2. You have to stay in bounds with the disc.
  3. You may not kick, scratch, bite, jump on, tackle, or harrass opposing players, or knock the disc out of their hands. Ultimate is a non-contact sport.
  4. You make all your own calls (about being in bounds, being in the end zone, being fouled, etc.). There are no referees. One is expected to be reasonable - this is known as the Spirit of the Game.