Other Rules of Which You Should Be Aware

Stall Counts

You have 10 seconds to throw the disk from the time you catch it. When the marker comes up to the thrower, s/he may start counting. They should say something like ``Stalling 1,... 2,... 3...''. There should be a second in between the numbers. Sometimes the marker gets a little overexcited and starts counting too fast. In that case the thrower says ``Fast count''. The marker should go down two, start again, and be a little slower.

If the marker gets up to 10 s/he says ``STALL'' and it is a turnover. Usually if you get up to 9 you may as well toss the disk as far as you can even if no one is open.


The offense is not allowed to pick the defense. That is, assuming your defender is reasonably close to you, you may not run around someone so that your defender is cut off from you by human bodies from either team. If you do so they call ``PICK!''. Play has to stop until your defender has caught up with you.

This is an example of a pick. The person on the top right is running between an offender and her defender.

An important thing to note is that if the thrower doesn't hear the pick call and throws the disc and it is NOT caught it is a turnover. This means if you are a thrower and hear a pick call do NOT throw the disc. Also, if the thrower does throw it, ignore the pick call until you have caught the disc.