Bibliography of Miscellaneous Ultimate Terms

Memorize this list and you, too, can sound like an Ultimate hipster without having to play at all.
  • Overhead or Hammer or Blade: a special throw in which the disk is launched perpendicular to the ground, goes extremely high, and lands with great velocity. Given that it is near impossible to control where it goes and painful to catch, it is amazing anyone even uses it. But then, it's a butch thing.
  • Hospital Pass: any kind of throw that takes a long time to land, causing many people to congregate underneath and jump on top of each other in a bid to catch it. Called a hospital pass because that's where everyone is going once they've landed.
  • Layout: when someone throws their body horizontally to make a catch or block a pass. Looks really impressive but is another good way to go to the hospital. They say you can learn to do this without injuring yourself.