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    Images for paper in ACM magazine "Intelligence"

    Images in main paper

    Figure 1: Xavier
    Figure 2: Architecture
    Figure 3: Scenario
    Figure 4: Paths
    Figure 5: Information flow
    Figure 6: Local Obstacle Avoidance
    Figure 7a: Probability disributions
    Figure 7b: Probability disributions
    Figure 8: POMDP model
    Figure 9: Travel times
    Figure 10: Tradeoff
    Figure 11: Blockages
    key (for figs 10 & 11)
    Figure 12: 2 goal search tree
    Figure 13 (text): one possible execution sequence
    Figure 14 (doc): Planner/Robot Interaction
    Figure 15: Xavier Command window
    Figure 16: Xavier monitor window
    Table 1 (doc)

    Extra Images

    Figure 17: Navigator window
    Figure 18: Simulator window
    Figure 19: Controller window
    Figure 20: Xavier Camera Image
    Xavier in lobby with people
    Xavier in hallway with people
    Xavier in hallway with people
    Picture of Xavier in the Lab
    B&W; Xavier from figure 1
    B&W; Xavier so you can see the computers
    B&W: the REAL insides of Xavier!
    A bunch of Xavier pics (multiple sizes, different lighting, etc)
    A bunch of Xavier & Amelia pics Xavier in hallway & with people (different lighting, etc)