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This directory contains files to use BibTex to do automatic conversion of a paper's references to HTML including URLs.

Copy the files html-alpha.bst and makerefs.c to your directory.

Compile makerefs: gcc -o makerefs makerefs.c

local.bib, papers-to-html.tex and papers-to-html.html are example files.

   1. Write your paper as normal

   2. Insert URL entries into your .bib file

   3. Change the \bibliographystyle to

   4. latex paper
      bibtex paper
          [It will no longer latex correctly.]
          The file paper.bbl contains (mostly) html

   4. ./makerefs paper
          The file paper.html now contains usable html (no odd latex-isms).
If you want latex2html to access this reference file rather than the
one it normally uses, you will have to change the "<a name=Author97>"
lines to the same key.