Group Work Rate

From the rowing prototype we realized that it was essential to involve the audience at all points in time. We constructed a rough system which was powered by the intensity of work (twisting paddles) generated by each audience member. Each audience member had control over a circle surrounding a seat. Hard work made the circle bigger, little work decrease the circle. Overlapping effects added to the charm, and the bubbles popped when someone worked to hard.

Seeing that this was successful in promoting a sense of individual accomplishment, encouraging everyone to participate, we expanded this to a system emboding cooperation.

Again pitting team against team, the collective work rate of a team was used to power a windmachine floating a ball. In class, teams demonstrated that they could cooperate to solve and compete effectively generating the necessary work to navigate the ball through a series of hoops.

Initial Prototype

Each circle corresponds to the amount of work generated at a particular seat
Final System

A head to head race to get the floating ball cleanly through the hoops.