Provoking Cooperative Response (aka the Rowers)

Statement of Purpose

Using the Cinematrix system, examine ways in which groups perform better than the individual. We intend to provoke a change to the form of system/user interaction so as to elicit cooperative behavior in hand-selected testbeds. The driving technology will be to use cooperative syncronization as opposed to voting. [Details] [Current Plans]

the Kool, the Weird and the Ugly.

Check out the graphics taken from our prototype rowing game (done under X). Make sure your mpeg viewer is set up to loop (The movie is 11 frames long, selected so that looping just about works. To make your player loop, look at your preferences or edit your .mailcap file, then add -loop to your options for video).

We are throwing around ideas about insect vision, magic carpets, and audience face mapping.

We've even got some working notes on line. Handwriting experts are tearing their hair out as we speak.


Things To See

See our working notes, screenshots, etc.

See our code - by asking us currently.

Go to the 15860 class home page.

Group Members

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Last Updated: March 2 1995.