We've now produced several demos, even if the Cinematrix system seems to be displeased with us:

We are now proceding, using the Inventor modeling system, to create a 3D world in which we shall combine the various methods of receiving audience interaction, structured to inducing cooperation.

The basic character control will be predefined. The audience will interact with the characters to the extent of "Yes, I like what you are doing", or "No, do something else".

The world interface will either be a view from within a single character, or a god like view on to a large group of lemming like characters.

We shall allow multiple windows to the world, allowing the audience to subdivide depending upon their interests. There will be challenges which will be easier to do with cooperation, and these challenges will restrict the level of subdivision. Thus we should not have too many windows on screen that would make things confusing...

The challenges will utilise the basic concepts we have come up with for our demos, but situated within the 3D world.

Some capabilities/challenges which will probably be present (we shall give cisual cues as to what to do in each situation):

Last Updated: Mar 2 1995.