Statement of Purpose - Details

We envisage the basic process as not dealing with attempting to get precise control as in flight/ping-ping, but instead that which will use cooperation as a focus. Consider for instance a rowing simulation. Two teams from each side of the room. A heavy beat is heard. The objective is to sycronize to the beat. The more bats of the same color changing at the beat, the stronger the oar row. Next beat, each individual person must use the opposite color (or not - if they are trying to sync with the "boat". As the beat speeds up, people have less time to change.

This will be our initial application, both allowing us to get our hands dirty and to see how a temporal based form of participation compares with the current Cinematrix interaction paradigm.

From there we may branch out in several directions based on the audience response to the initial demonstration

Discarded ideas

Last Updated: Feb 3 1995.