Group Creation

Finally, we attempted to divide people up into groups without using a seating chart. A program was construced which it iterated through possible catchy groups (you could be in a teddy bear group, a tank girl group etc). People held up red to join a group or green to not be in a group. To proceed, the audience had to split into groups of the correct size, i.e. for 3 groups, the number of people holding red had to stabalize around 33%.

As such, we completed a registration phase which noticed what seats were available, and were able were able to offer 3 multiple chocie alternatives, since no paddle was a valid option for a given group.

We then used the groups created to hold a trivia game, asking multiple choice questions and allow each group to vote on which answer was correct. Once the number of people voting on one choice passed a threshold, that answer was selected for the group.

Unfortunately, bugs at demo time prevented the trivia game from being played.