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Date: Fri, 06 Oct 95 18:44:36 
Subject: SC Action Special - Status of Appropriation Riders

                         IN BUDGET BILLS
                       (as of Oct. 6, 1995)

EPA Appropriations (H.R. 2099)          House     Senate    Conf.

1.  Ban on issuance of tap water          X         X
     standard for arsenic

2.  Ban on issuance of tap water          X         X
     standard for radon and other

3.  Ban on wetlands protection program    X         X

4.  Prohibition on listing new            X         X
     hazardous waste sites for cleanup

5.  Ban on Clean Air Act program          X         X
     promoting better emission
     inspection systems for automobiles

6.  Ban on Clean Air Act program calling  X         X
     for increased car pooling and use
     of mass transit

7.  Exemption for Kalamazoo industrial    X         X
     facility from federal water pollution
     control requirements

8.  Restrictions on regulation of lead    X         X*

9.  Halt to implementation of Clean       X         X*
     Air Act's operating permit program

10. Exemption for oil refineries from     X         X*
     air toxic standards

11. Exemption of oil and gas industry     X         --
     from accident prevention program

12. Ban on expansion of Toxic Release     X         -- 

13. Ban on issuance of new discharge      X         --
     limitations and water quality standards

     *  contained in report rather than bill language

14. Ban on implementation of uniform      X         --
     water quality standards for the
     Great Lakes

15. Ban on implementation of stormwater   X         --

16. Ban on implementation of sewage       X         --
     overflow controls

17. Exemption for cement kilns from       X         --
     air toxic standards

18. Repeal of Delaney Clause prohibiting  X         --
     the use of cancer-causing pesticides
     in certain foods

19. Audit Shield for Polluters who admit  X         --
     (but not necessarily correct) wrongdoing

20. Ban on issuance of tap water          --        X
     standard for sulfates

21. Ban on issuance of standards to       --        X
     protect public from contamination 
     of groundwater supplies by 
     crytosporidium and other contaminants

22. Special attention for "industry       --        X*
     comments" prior to EPA issuance of
     final rule limiting air and water 
     pollution from pulp and paper mills

23. Restriction on EPA issuance of        --        X*
     standards limiting air pollution 
     from small gasoline engines which
     produce 10% of the air pollution in 
     America's cities

24. Ban on EPA research regarding the     --        X*
     health effects of electromagnetic fields

25. Elimination of EPA work on energy     --        X*
     efficiency and alternative energy 
     supplies despite the cost savings 
     generated by such work

Interior Appropriations (H.R. 1977)       House     Senate  Conf.

1.  Repeal of mining patent moratorium    --        X        X

2.  Moratorium on listing new endangered  X         X        X
     species and designating critical habitat

3.  Mojave National Preserve -- transfer  X         X        X
     of management from NPS to BLM

4.  National Biological Service --        X         --       X
     transfer to U.S. Geological Survey

5.  National Biological Service --        --        X        X
     prohibition on surveys without 
     written permission of landowner

6.  Tongass National Forest -- increased  --        X        X

7.  Exemption for land management plans   X         X        X
     and other federal activities from
     Endangered Species Act protections

8.  Halt to scientific assessment of      X         X        X
     species protection needs in
     Columbia River Basin

9.  Clearwater National Forest --         --        X        X
     override of court-ordered management 
     of forest for multiple use rather 
     than solely for timber harvest

10. Ban on Dept. of Energy work in        X         X        X
     setting appliance efficiency standards

11. Elimination of Urban Park and         X         X        X
     Recreation Fund

12. Prohibition on AmeriCorps Volunteers  X         X        X

13. 90-day suspension of grazing          --        X        X

14. Ban on implementation of United       --        X        X
     Nations Biodiversity Initiative

Energy & Water Appropriations (H.R. 1905) House     Senate  Conf.

1.  Exemption for Bonneville Power        --        X
     Administration from environmental 
     impact and endangered species
     protection requirements

2.  Termination of San Joaquin River      X         --
     study designed to improve quality 
     of California drinking water
     and rejuvenate commercial and 
     sportsfishing industries

3.  Prohibition on recovering clean       X         --
     up costs from corporations 
     responsible for contamination of 
     Kesterson Wildlife refuge

Transportation Appropriations (H.R. 2002) House     Senate  Conf.

1.  Ban on issuance of new fuel           X         --
     efficiency standards

2.  Ban on energy efficiency labeling     X         --
     for automobile tires

Agriculture Appropriations (H.R. 1976)    House     Senate  Conf.

1.  Cap on Conservation Reserve program   X         X
     for wetlands

2.  Elimination of salary for head of     --        X
     U.S. Forest Service

Commerce/Justice/State Approp. (H.R. 2076) House    Senate  Conf.

1.  Termination of environmental          X         --
     enforcement attorneys at Dept.
     of Justice

Reconciliation                            House     Senate  Conf.

1.  Oil development in Arctic National    X         X
     Wildlife Refuge

2.  Repeal of mining patent moratorium    X         X

3.  Precious minerals for pennies --      X         X
     provides for minimal royalty 
     payments only on profits after 
     deduction of all expenses and sale 
     of land for value of surface land only

4.  Park closure commission               X         --

5.  Sale of national forest land          X         --
to ski resorts

6.  Elimination of requirement to         X         --
     address environmental impacts 
     before issuance of grazing permits 
     (plus repeal of other grazing limitations)

7.  Exemption of timber sales in Arizona  X         --
     and New Mexico from endangered 
     species protections

8.  Water subsidies to America's largest  --        X
     agricultural corporations

9.  Cap on Conservation Reserve program   --        X
     for wetlands

10. Elimination of tax incentives for     X         --
     renewable energy technologies

Budget Rescissions for FY 95
(enacted into law 7/27/95, Pub. Law 104-19)  House  Senate  Conf.

1.  Timber "Salvage" -- increased logging     X     X       X
     in national forests in violation 
     of existing environmental protections

2.  Ban on using Habitat Conservation Areas   X     X        X
     in Alaska's Tongass national forest to 
     protect species from becoming endangered

3.  Sale of timber from Tongass national      X     X        X
     forest without updating statutorily 
     required environmental impact statement

4.  Exemption of certain grazing permits from X     X        X
     environmental impact analysis

5.  Ban on Clean Air Act program promoting    X     X        X
     better emission inspection systems for 

6.  Ban on Clean Air Act program calling for  X     X        X
     increased car pooling and use of mass transit

7.  Prohibition on listing new hazardous      X     X        X
     waste sites for cleanup

8.  Ban on government action to protect       X     X        X
     endangered Alabama sturgeon

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