Contributed TIFF Software

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The contrib directory has contributed software that uses the TIFF library or which is associated with the library (typically glue and guidance for ports to non-UNIX platforms).

contrib/vms scripts and files from Karsten Spang for building the library and tools under VMS
contrib/dbs a simple X-based TIFF viewer from Dan & Chris Sears
contrib/ras two programs by Patrick Naughton for converting between Sun rasterfile format and TIFF (these require libpixrect.a, as opposed to the one in tools that doesn't)
contrib/mac-mpw scripts and files from Niles Ritter for building the library and tools under Macintosh/MPW C.
contrib/acorn scripts and files from Peter Greenham for building the library and tools on an Acorn RISC OS system.
contrib/win32 scripts and files from Scott Wagner for building the library under Windows NT and Windows 95.
contrib/tags scripts and files from Niles Ritter for adding private tag support at runtime, without changing libtiff.

Don't send me mail asking about this stuff; I frequently know absolutely nothing about it. Send questions and/or bug reports directly to the authors.

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