15-463 Project 2: Ray Casting
Due March 12, 1996 (before midnight)

In this assignment, you will be writing a ray caster. The details of the assignment are currently available in Acrobat and PostScript formats.

Remember, you will be expanding on your code for this assignment in the next project. Try and write clean code that you will be able to easily extend and modify. If you do this, Project 3 should go much more smoothly for you.

In this assignment, you will be using a standard scene file format which will return in projects 3 and 4. You should see:

TIFF input/output
We've provided you with routines for doing input/output to TIFF files. Look on the software page for documentation.

Also see the class notes on ray generation (Notes 10) and ray-polygon intersection (Notes 11).

February 28, 1996