Computer Graphics 2: 15-463, Spring 1996

Administrative Info

Place and Time: Tue/Thu 9:00-10:20 in Doherty Hall A317. To get there, go to Wean 5th floor and walk east.

Professor: Paul Heckbert

Teaching Assistant: Michael Garland Teaching Assistant: Prem Janardhan Non-electronic handouts missed in class may be picked up from my secretary: Phyllis Pomerantz

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Assignments must be done by you alone unless you have permission from the instructor to work in a group.


You can use any language or machine you like. Accounts are available on the Silicon Graphics workstations in Doherty Hall 2300, which have 24 bits per pixel. Contact Michael Garland for an account, and Phyllis Pomerantz for a key to the room. The machines in this room are Indy's and Personal Irises. Machines with 24 bits per pixel are recommended, since several of the assignments require high quality filtering, which is very difficult to judge on a dithered 8 bit display. 1/15/96