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SOCKETS: Using UNIX sockets from Lisp.

This package contains posts and email about socket communication in Lisp. They include code written by Vince Baker for socket communication in AKCL and by Joe Konstan for Allegro and Lucid. The LSP_SCKT package is a stream-based socket interface for Allegro and Lucid written by Mark Kantrowitz. The contents is as follows: andreasg/ Lets Lisp use the termcap file and execute termcap functions baker.txt Code for socket communication in AKCL. hines.txt Buggy sockets example for Allegro. konstan.txt Code for non-blocking socket communication in Allegro & Lucid stark.txt Summary of replies to a query about sockets. lsp_sckt Stream-based interface to sockets.
CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Keywords: Authors!Baker, Authors!Kantrowitz, Authors!Konstan, IO, Input, Lisp!IO, Lisp!Sockets, Output, Sockets References: ?
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