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BABYLON: Development environment for expert systems.

BABYLON is a modular, configurable, hybrid environment for developing expert systems. Its features include objects, rules with forward and backward chaining, logic (Prolog) and constraints. BABYLON is implemented and embedded in Common Lisp.
Origin: []
   as a binhexed stuffit archive.

Version: 2.3 (22-JUN-94); 2.2 (24-APR-92) Requires: Common Lisp Ports: MCL, TI CL, Allegro CL, CLisp, CMU CL, AKCL Symbolics CL (v2.2 only; support for Lispm's has ended) CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 Contact: Juergen Walther AI Research Division GMD (German National Research Center for Computer Science) PO Box 1316 D-53731 Sankt Augustin 1 Germany Marc Linster Keywords: BABYLON, Backward Chaining, Constraints, Expert System Shells, Forward Chaining, Prolog References: Christaller, T., Di Primio, F., Vo', A. (eds). "The AI-Workbench BABYLON: An open and portable development environment for expert systems", Academic Press, London, 1992, ISBN 0-12-174235-0. Christaller Th., di Primio F., Voss A. (Hrsg.), "Die KI-Werkbank Babylon: Eine offene und portable Entwicklungsumgebung fuer Expertensysteme" Addison-Wesley, Bonn, 1989. ISBN 3-89319-155-0. Guesgen, H.-W., "CONSAT: A system for constraint satisfaction" Research Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Morgan Kaufman, San Mateo, 1989.
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