Sixth Annual

1994 Allegheny Cycling Association "Month of Mud" Cyclocross Series

Sponsored by the Allegheny Cycling Association

Sanctioned by the United States Cycling Federation

(Held under USCF race permit)

October 23rd - Brady's Run Park
    Meet at the Ice Arena at Brady's Run Park in Beaver County near
    Beaver Falls.  Take Route 60 to Chipawa Exit, turn right, go three
    miles to Park on right.  Course is 4.5 miles very technical single
    track x two laps, including "The Descent of Death".  Course design
    by Chuck Barath and Team J.A.G.O.V./Greenlees.

October 30th - Knob Hill Park
    Meet at Knob Hill Park in Cranberry Township.  Take I79 North to
    Warrendale Exit.  Turn left, then first right, and next left to
    Knob Road.  Knob Hill Park is the next left.  Course is 3.5 mile
    single and double track x _three_ laps, including "The Swamp".
    Course design by Rob Caus and Ryan McDermitt of Team Sports.

November 6th - Mineral Beach
    Meet at Mineral Beach parking lot in Finleyville.  Take Route 51
    though Library, past Trax Family Farms, right turn into Mineral
    Beach, a swimming pool and park area.  Course is the original
    inside the park loop, including the "Pumpkin Patch".  1 hour plus
    1 lap.  Course design by Tom Mantle and TRM Cycles.

November 13th - Moraine State Park
    Meet at the ATB trail on the north shore of Moraine State Park.
    Take I79 North to the Moraine State Park exit and follow signs to
    the North Shore Marina.  Course is 4.5 miles, extremely technical
    and rocky x two laps.  Course design by Chuck Greenlee and
    Greenlee's Cycle.

November 20th - Brothers Grimm
    Meet in the dirt parking lot opposite Brothers Grimm Restaurant in
    Robinson Township.  Take Montour Run Road exit off Parkway near
    old Airport and IKEA.  Past Wickes Furniture, past YMCA, around
    bend and right turn into dirt parking lot near the large blue
    building.  Course is 2.9 miles, uphill, open, and singletrack,
    with stream crossing x three laps.

November 27th - Raccoon Municipal Park Championship
    Take Route 60 to the Monaca exit.  Take Route 18 South 6 miles to
    the Raccoon _Municipal_ Park on left.  Important Note: this is
    _NOT_ at the Raccoon _State_ Park.  This is a new course for 1994.
    Course design by Gary Dugovich and the Raccoon Two. Boys Club and
    Recreation Board.

More information

Call Gary "Mud Bog" Bywaters at (412) 266-8481.

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