1995 GSO Softball -- General Guidelines

These guidelines have been plucked from assocs.summer-softball.
To: bb+assocs.summer-softball@ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Subject: Couple of general guidelines
Date: Fri, 26 May 95 15:18:53 -0400
From: Boyd_T_Safrit@GLOBE.EDRC.CMU.EDU

The home team is listed on the schedule as the second team.  The home
team must supply the new game ball, set up the bases from the lock box
(if 5:30 game)
and put the bases away (If 7:00 game).   The home team is in the field
first.  The winning team must report the score to me (and the bboard
if you like--but just the score, no editorials).

The most "volatile" situation is with the runners on the track.   The
track situation needs to be handled with kindness and care.  We should
try to coexist peacefullly with the joggers.  Most of them are very
good about it and stay out of the way.  We should do the same, keep
all bats, balls, gloves, kids, strollers, dogs, etc of the track, and
do not play catch or take batting practice on the track.  

The problem occurs when the track clubs come out to practice, they
take their running seriously and will sometimes be very nasty about
it.  If they are a problem you should explain (very nicely) that the
softball players have the field reserved and the runners should stay
out of the first three lanes.  If there continues to be problems or
they are harassing anyone you can call security and have them removed.
This is very rare and I really hope this never happens.  Please report
any problems to me.

DO NOT ABUSE YOUR PRIVILEGE -- do not yell at a person jogging in the
first 3 lanes just because they are in the first 3 lanes.  The
guideline to follow is this:  you should never be the first to say
something to them, only to respond if they say something to you. 

If you ever have a problem with a team or player (fighting, constant
arguing, unsportsmanlike conduct) please let me know.  I will keep
track of complaints and/or watch their games.  If a player (or team)
continues to draw complaints I will not hesitate in kicking them out
of the league.