1995 GSO Softball -- Rule Clarifications

These clarifications have been plucked from assocs.summer-softball.
To: bb+assocs.summer-softball@ANDREW.CMU.EDU
Subject: Rules Clarification
Date: Thu, 25 May 95 10:51:40 -0400
From: Boyd_T_Safrit@GLOBE.EDRC.CMU.EDU

A couple of rule clarifications:

1)  Someone posted a message about the 1st baseman blocking the 
base line while trying to field the ball. Scott Berry posted 
the correct answer in my opinion to this problem.  The fielder 
has the right of way. The base runner should have run around 
the fielder.

2) Strike Mat Placement:  The mat should be placed to that 
the back triangle of home plate is on TOP of the mat.  A strike
is any ball that HITS the mat at all. See picture:

		|	|
		|	|
		|	|     Plate
		|	|      
		|	|
		|\     /|
		| \   / |
		|  \ /  |
		|   +   |
		|	|     Strike Mat
		|	|
		|	|
		|	|
		|	|

3) Field obstacles: On field A (one with short right field), if the
ball goes into the bushes along the fench in the outfield and comes
out, that is a fair ball.  If the ball gets stuck, it is a triple.

Any ball that touches the bleachers, whether it stays in or not,
is a double.  Except if it goes into the bleachers on the fly, which
is a home run.

The goal posts are part of the field, so a ball that hits the posts
is a fair ball.

Let me know if there are any questions.

Date: Fri, 26 May 1995 14:42:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Boyd Thompson Safrit 
To: Bulletin Board Administration
Subject: Various league stuff
CC: bs36+@globe.edrc.cmu.edu

1) For the minors, we will now have:  7 walks and 3 strikes.  This
addresses a problem pointed out earlier by Greg Morrisett.

2) The first games are this Friday June 2, with some on Saturday June 3.
 The games for those 2 days are:

13 Dag Rattlers         Chris Werry     cw7r
14 Yard Apes            Scott Gaynor    sg4j
17 Heinz B              Allen Tempert   at1o                    268-6060
21 Markov Fielders      Kert Veile      viele@stat.cmu.edu
22 Fighting PhilosophersJohn Burns      jb5o                    268-8573
24 INI                  Tim DeLamatre   td2n                    268-8128

2  Heinz A                  Greg Pagarski  gp2e
3  Misfits with a Vengeance Chris Huegle   ch44                     682-3012
4  Shakey's Sluggers        Tod Yocum                               268-3260
5  Viking Death Rats A      Ian Davis      akian@frc2.frc.ri.cmu.edu

Friday June 2
Minors Field B (short left field)
14-13      5:30
21-22      7:00

Intermediates Field A (short right field)
2-3         5:30
4-5         7:00

Saturday June 3
Minors Field B
17-24   10:00am 

I will try to post the rest of the schedule this Saturday or Sunday. 

 3) We have the fields reserved 5:30 till dark M-F and 10am-1pm on the
following Saturdays: June 3,10; July 8,15,22,29; and 4-5:30 on June 17. 
There will usually only be on game on Saturday at 10am so if you want to
schedule scrimmages, this is the time.  Post to the bboard if you want
to reserve a field for a scrimmage on a Saturday. Just remember that
there is at least one game on all of those Saturdays at 10am. We might
be able to make up rain outs on these Saturdays also.  The schedule is

Let us know if there are any questions.

Don Michel
Ron Balog
Boyd Safrit