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Work Experience

Fall 1989 - present: Carnegie Mellon University   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Research Assistant, School of Computer Science
  Provided programming support for the following research projects: 
    Vision Algorithm Compiler, ARPA Image Understanding Environment, 
    Automatic Target Recognition, and Learning From Observation.
  Developed graphical user interface tools and I/O interfaces 
  for controlling a Unimation Puma robot, a range finder, and CCD

Summer 1989: Martin Marietta Orlando Aerospace    Orlando, Florida 
Engineering Assistant, Guidance and Controls, Pershing Missile Program
  Implemented guidance equation modules in Ada and created the interface between the 
  modules and a flight simulator. 

1988-1989: Tulane University                      New Orleans, Louisiana 
Senior Honors Project, Departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  Analyzed the use of Iterated Function Systems (IFS) as  an 
  image compression method.  Designed and implemented an IFS image compression
  program with a graphical user interface on a Macintosh computer. 

Summer 1988: Martin Marietta Electronic Systems Company   Orlando, Florida 
Research Assistant, Guidance and Controls, Advanced Research Group
  Designed and implemented algorithms to perform and statistically analyze
  deghosting in a tracking system using passive ranging.  Coauthored technical
  report on the findings.

Summer 1987: Martin Marietta Orlando Aerospace    Orlando, Florida 
Engineering Assistant, Reliability Engineering, LANTIRN Program
  Responsible for summarizing failure analyses and maintaining a database of
  failures to identify problem areas on the LANTIRN system. 

Summers of 1985 and 1986: Martin Marietta Michoud Aerospace   New Orleans, Louisiana
Engineering Assistant, Systems Engineering, Space Shuttle External Tank Program
  Responsible for the maintenance of systems level drawings.  Prepared flight
  readiness review charts describing engineering changes affecting systems
  level components of the External Tank.

Mark Wheeler