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City: CitiParks, CMU, Pitt, Carnegie, Byham, Harris, Manor, Melwood Regent Square,
Science Center, Squirrel Hill, Warhol, Waterworks, Loews Waterfront
North: Bellevue, Showcase North, Northway Mall 8
South: Carmike 10, Denis, Destinta Bridgeville, Galleria, Maxi Savers, Southland 9,
East: Destinta North Versailles, Loews North Versailles, The Oaks Theater Showcase East
West: Showcase West
Special Screenings: Manchester Craftsmens Guild, Orgone Cinema, Sewickley Sweetwater Center Other Special Screenings


UNIVERSITY CENTER, Carnegie Mellon University (412-268-3567)
($1 with CMU ID, $3 without)


William Pitt Union, University of Pittsburgh
($2 with Pitt ID, $4 without, $1/$2 Tuesdays)


Alliance Franšaise CinÚ-Club
(232 Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh, free admission for Alliance members)

Not yet relisted.

MANOR THEATRE (412-422-7729 recording, 412-422-9851 person) [1729 Murray Av, Squirrel Hill]
($7.50 regular admission; $5.00 seniors, children and matinées)


SQUIRREL HILL (412-421-7900 recording, 412-421-7137 person) [Forward Av, Squirrel Hill]
($7 regular admission; $4.50 seniors, children and matinées)


Byham Theater [101 Sixth Street, Downtown]
($5 admission; $3 seniors, students, children under 12)

Not yet relisted.

FILMMAKERS AT THE HARRIS (412-471-9700, 412-682-4111, 412-681-5449) [809 Liberty Avenue, Downtown]
($6 admission; $5 seniors, children under 12, members)


MELWOOD SCREENING ROOM [477 Melwood Avenue, Oakland]
($6 admission; $5 seniors, children under 12, members)


FILMMAKERS AT REGENT SQUARE (412-682-4111) [1035 S. Braddock Ave., Edgewood]
($6 admission; $5 seniors, children under 12, members)


WATERWORKS CINEMA (412-784-1402, 412-784-1416 voice) [Waterworks Mall, Freeport Road]
($8 regular admission; $5 children; $4.50 seniors; $5.00 matinées (all shows before 5:30pm)


LOEWS WATERFRONT (412-462-6384, 412-462-6923 voice) [Homestead Waterfront, just east of Hi-Level Bridge]
($8 regular admission; $5 matinées)


DENIS (412-343-7300, 412-344-4583 voice) [685 Washington Rd., Mt. Lebanon]
($6 regular admission; $4 Tuesdays, matinées, seniors, young children)


GALLERIA CINEMA (412-531-5551, 412-531-5720 voice) [1500 Washington Road, Mt. Lebanon]
($7.50 regular admission; $4.75 matinées)


SOUTHLAND 9 (412-655-0500, 412-655-0511 voice) [Southland Shopping Ctr, Pleasant Hills]
($4.50 matinées and Tuesdays)


DESTINTA BRIDGEVILLE (412-914-0999) [I-79S(Exit 12), PA-50W; behind K-Mart]
($8.00 regular admission; $7.00 college students w/ID, $5.00 seniors, young children, and all Tuesday movies)


SHOWCASE EAST THEATRE (412-271-9000, 412-824-4424) [3455 William Penn Hwy, Wilkins Twp.]
($8 regular admission; $5.25 matinées; $5 seniors, young children)


SHOWCASE WEST THEATRE (412-787-5788, 412-923-2760) [Robinson Towne Centre]
($8 regular admission; $5.25 matinées; $5 seniors, young children)


SHOWCASE NORTH THEATRE (412-931-1870, 412-935-5885) [9700 McKnight Road]
($8 regular admission; $5.25 matinées; $5 seniors, young children)


NORTHWAY MALL 8 (412-367-1593) [Northway Mall, McKnight Road]


BELLEVUE CINEMA (766-7744) [609 Lincoln Avenue, Bellevue]
($2 admission)

Theater appears to be closed.

LOEWS NORTH VERSAILLES (412-823-3992, 412-823-5337 voice) [200 Loews Drive, No. Versailles]
($7.50 admission; $5.00 matinées)


DESTINTA NORTH VERSAILLES (412-824-9200, 412-824-9101 voice) [Destinta Plaza, Lincoln Highway, North Versailles]
($7.50 regular admission; $4.50 seniors, young children, matinées and select Tuesday movies)


THE OAKS THEATER (412-828-6311) [301 Allegheny River Boulevard, Oakmont] [Under new ownership]
($4.00 all shows)


CARMIKE 10 (412-835-7700, 412-835-7074 voice) [South Hills Village]
($7.50 regular admission; $4.75 matinées)


* FRI-SAT only

SUPER SAVERS NORTH HILLS (412-367-1593) [Northway Mall, McKnight Road]

Renamed to Northway Mall Cinemas 8.  Now shows first run movies for full price.
See Northway Mall 8 listing.

MAXI-SAVERS CINEMAS (412-655-8700, 412-655-8123 voice) [Century Square, West Mifflin]
($1 admission Mon-Thu; $1.50 Fri-Sun)


CARNEGIE FILM SERIES [CMA Cinema] (412-622-3212):
($5, $4 for seniors, students or members)

Not yet relisted.

Film and Video Series
(Free with museum admission)


($8.00 adults; $6.00 seniors/children; $1.00 discount for members)

Not yet relisted.

Special Screenings

SEWICKLEY SWEETWATER CENTER FOR THE ARTS (412-741-4405) [200 Broad St., Sewickley]
($5 admission; $4 members and students)

Not yet relisted.


Call for Showtimes

Silver Eye Gallery (412-431-1810) [1015 E. Carson St.]

Film programs on Saturdays, monthly.

Special Screenings

No movies this week.

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