bsy's Cached Weather Relay

bsy is now at UCSD, and this page is no longer being maintained here.
The National Weather Service data is made available courtesy of the National Science Foundation-funded UNIDATA Project and the University of Michigan.

You may either use the weather(1bsy) program to obtain up-to-date information or simply read its cached data by cache snooping. By using the weather program, you will be shown the cached data if it is deemed to be sufficiently ``fresh'', or new data would be obtained from Michigan, updating the local cache as a side effect, thus speeding up subseqent accesses for other users. You can also force the server to refresh its cache (this is typically unnecessary).

Local Weather Data

  • server / cache snooping / refresh -- Pittsburgh forecast
  • server / cache snooping / refresh -- Current conditions for Pennsylvania
  • server / cache snooping / refresh -- Climatological data for Pittsburgh
  • server / cache snooping / refresh -- Extended seven day temperature forecast for the Eastern region
  • See also my weathermap program (in my AFS bin, also in http_srv package), which generates weathermaps and satellite images in the visible spectrum as well as in the infrared


    The weather data is not guaranteed to be reliable or up-to-date. Because heuristics were used to extract the data, important severe weather warnings or advisories may have been omitted.

    Beware that the menu documents are machine generated periodically from the cache data: they may be out of date, and there are likely to be data available from locations which are not listed in some of the menus.

    Direct Accesses

    To access the raw cache files, click here.

    To telnet directly to the University of Michigan server, click here.

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