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#include "TestScene.h"
#include "gcl/SceneLang.h"
#include "gcl/Avars.h"
#include "gcl/Writers.h"

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Void SaveTestModels (FileName &name)
scScenePtr BoxScene (Int centrepiece)
scScenePtr ParallelScene ()
scScenePtr SidelightScene ()
scScenePtr BlockerScene ()
scScenePtr AbuttingScene ()
scScenePtr TableScene ()
scScenePtr SimpleTriScene ()


Int gQuadType = 0

Function Documentation

scScenePtr AbuttingScene ()

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scScenePtr BlockerScene ()

Definition at line 289 of file

scScenePtr BoxScene (Int centrepiece)

Definition at line 145 of file

scScenePtr ParallelScene ()

Definition at line 224 of file

Void SaveTestModels (FileName & name)

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scScenePtr SidelightScene ()

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scScenePtr SimpleTriScene ()

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scScenePtr TableScene ()

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Int gQuadType = 0

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