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RT_Prim.h File Reference

#include "RT_Defs.h"

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class  RT_Object
class  RT_Prim
class  RT_Tri
class  RT_Gen
class  RT_Sphere


typedef RT_GenRT_GenPtr


enum  RT_PrimTag { rt_triangle, rt_gen, rt_grid }


const Byte TRI_HIT = 0x0001
const Byte GEN_HIT = 0x0001
const Byte TRI_INACTIVE = 0x0002
const Byte TRI_2SIDED_R = 0x0004
const Byte TRI_2SIDED_V = 0x0008

Typedef Documentation

typedef RT_Gen* RT_GenPtr

Definition at line 26 of file RT_Prim.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum RT_PrimTag

Enumeration values:

Definition at line 65 of file RT_Prim.h.

Variable Documentation

const Byte GEN_HIT = 0x0001

Definition at line 19 of file RT_Prim.h.

const Byte TRI_2SIDED_R = 0x0004

Definition at line 21 of file RT_Prim.h.

const Byte TRI_2SIDED_V = 0x0008

Definition at line 22 of file RT_Prim.h.

const Byte TRI_HIT = 0x0001

Definition at line 18 of file RT_Prim.h.

const Byte TRI_INACTIVE = 0x0002

Definition at line 20 of file RT_Prim.h.

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