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HRElem.h File Reference

#include "HRLink.h"
#include "cl/PtrArray.h"

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struct  HRStats
class  ShadeInfo
class  HRElem
struct  DMInfo


typedef PtrArray<HRLinkListLinkStack
typedef HRElemHRElemPtr
typedef PtrArray<HRElemHRElemList


enum  HRFlags { hrPatch = 0x0001, hrCluster = 0x0002, hrFaceClus = 0x0004, hrIntNode = 0x0010, hrHasLights = 0x0020, hrHasNonLights = 0x0040, hrMixed = 0x0060, hrMark = 0x0080, hrAll = 0xFFFF }


GCLReal VecError (const SubVecd &v)
Utility error routine. Should really go somewhere else.

Typedef Documentation

typedef PtrArray<HRElem> HRElemList

Definition at line 222 of file HRElem.h.

typedef HRElem* HRElemPtr

Definition at line 221 of file HRElem.h.

typedef PtrArray<HRLinkList> LinkStack

Definition at line 46 of file HRElem.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum HRFlags

Enumeration values:
hrPatch   elem is a patch (polygon).
hrCluster   elem is a cluster.
hrFaceClus   elem is a face cluster.
hrIntNode   internal node in the simulation.
hrHasLights   some children are light sources.
hrHasNonLights   some children aren't.
hrMixed   mixed volume cluster.
hrMark   used for patch view.

Definition at line 33 of file HRElem.h.

Function Documentation

GCLReal VecError (const SubVecd & v)

Utility error routine. Should really go somewhere else.

Definition at line 566 of file

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