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ILISP: Powerful dialect independent GNU-Emacs/Lisp interface.

ILISP is a powerful GNU-Emacs interface to many dialects of Lisp.
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Version: 5.7 (24-JAN-95); 5.6 (15-JUL-94); 5.5 (2-SEP-93) Ports: Lucid, Allegro, {A}KCL, IBCL, and CMU CL. Updated: Fri Jan 24 16:00:00 1995 CD-ROM: Prime Time Freeware for AI, Issue 1-1 (v5.5) Bug Reports: Mailing List: Low volume mailing list for announcements of new releases and patches. Some discussion. Author(s): Written by Chris McConnell and now maintained by Rick Busdiecker and Marco Antoniotti . Contact: Keywords: Authors!Antoniotti, Authors!Busdiecker, Authors!McConnell, Authors!Vazquez, ILISP, Lisp!GNU-Emacs Interface, Lisp!Utilities References: Documentation is included in the distribution in both Emacs Info format and PostScript.
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