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Final Grade Assignment

Each student will receive a numeric score for the course, based on a weighted average of the following:

The assignments will count a combined total of 50% of your score. The exact weighting of the different assignments will be determined near the end of the course based on our perception of the relative effort required. In any case, each homework will count 3-5%, while each lab will count 8-12% of your score. Since small differences in scores can make the difference between two letter grades, you'll want to make a serious effort on each assignment.
There will be two in-class exams, each counting 12.5%, plus a final counting 25%.

Grades for the course will be determined by a curve. The total score will be plotted as a histogram, and then approximate cutoff points for the different letter grades will be determined. Individual cases, especially those near the cutoff points may be adjusted upward or downward based on factors such as attendance, class participation, and special circumstances.

Randy Bryant
Tue Jan 13 13:55:42 EST 1998